Sunday, January 23, 2011

Induction Masscomm 2011

Just now was Induction for Masscomm Part 1 students. So far, it was ok. But the amount number of freshies were very dissapointed. Not many part 1 students came eventhough they know that INDUCTION was IMPORTANT for them.

What I like the most on induc day, were the SKETSA or DRAMA by BUBU and HAIKAL. I got the video but need a really good connection of internet to download them. And anotehr were the games. The games were AWESOME. Macam2 ada!

There was game called MENCARI CINTA. Basically this game consits of 1 besen, full with water, a lot of ICE, apples, eggs, ballons filled with water and ping pong balls. So, the aim is to take the apples or eggs with your mouth out of the besen. Cool right?

Then, we ususally had this game when we were kids, CARI GULA DALAM TEPUNG. But, this time, instead of TEPUNG, the MT's used, SERBUK TEH and GARAM KASAR. Sungguh masin! :/

Owh ya! I like the last part of the event, which is a "PHOTOGRAPHY" session with the SENIORS. Which obviously meant BALING TEPUNG SAMA ITU JUNIORSS!!!!

Sangat BEST :D

p/s : Pictures will be upload later.

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