Thursday, January 13, 2011


After a long session of PERSUADING by TINI COLETTE, saya akhirnya kalah untuk pulang bersama beliau. Haha.

So, for last Friday I went back home secretly, without telling my parents. I just want to make a surprise entrance.

From melaka, me and Tine and Fuad tumpang Mok to KTM Seremban. Since Mok didn't use the common road, we had to sit in his car for almost 2 hours++ and our back and buttock were already in PAIN. I tell you, in PAIN!!

We reached KTM Seremban later, then we bought out tickets for our own destination then off we go.

In the train there were so many kinds of people, needless to say. You've been on a train right? So, you might know, how it was :)

Reached home around 10pm something, and mummy was a little bit shocked and of course, kena bebel tu adalah. Dah nama pown PARENTS kn, biasa lah.


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