Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Second Day Of Freshiesss :)

Just got back from early dinner with my beloved. We chat and laugh after not seeing each other for one and a half month. Owh how much I miss him :')

Ok, back to my second day of class. Started at 2.30pm and I overslept until 1.30pm. Gosh! Nasib baik sempat, klau tak.... So, woke up a little bit late and I've got the headache. Actually, I already had the headache since I came here. I think because the change of weather. I think I'm gonna be sick -____-"

Again, my class and the only class for Tuesday is PUB252 which is Publishing and Media taught by Puan Shida. She was ok, funny but strict.

She explained about what we gonna learn in her class. Then we seperated in groups for our group assignment. We have to go outside and find and interview the people in Publishing Company such as Karangkraf, Blue Inc and etc. Pick one lah, not all.

The class lasted for 3 hours. Then I headed to Pasar Malam with Mas.

That's all for today. See you tomorrow :)

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