Friday, January 14, 2011

McD with Proposal.

Kami TERUJA makan McD!

Adel AYU sungguh! XD

Meet the VAMPIRE with THREE salty tooth XD

Mas, lagi picit jerawat ya?

Okay, this is my dinner. Anyone ENVY with me?

Right now, I'm havin my dinner at McD Ayer Keroh with Mastura and Adel :D

What I ate, 1 Double Chesse Burger, 2 Fries, 1 Curly Fries and 1 Coke. Great. I'll be getting fatter and fatter each day. Haha.

The main purpose of going here was to do Modern Issues assignment on Khalwat. Why we choosed this topic? It's because nobody would. Haha.

Quite difficult though to find info about this issue. Some info are soooo not useable. Damn those people who make it more difficult.

Wireless at McD was suuuppppeerrrbbbbb lah! I can download lots of song which I couldn't if I used my broadband. Now, I can express my feeling through music.

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Miss Mae said...

oh. my. gosh. That all looks so delicious! Looks like a fun time!