Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fresh New Day :D

Yesterday was my first day for semester 4.

No Monday Blues for me, because I was excited to meet my classmates after a long break. My first and only class for Monday is PUB252 which is Publication Production and will be teach by Miss Noorazura bt Durani. She was our lecture for COM265 ( Graphic and Design) in semester 3.

She was strong enough to teach us again. Why I said this? Because our class is one of the high-listed class for noisy, stubborn and like to make the lectures annoyed. So, mostly our former lectures WOULDN'T want to teach us again. So, she is STRONG enough to teach us again. But, I can see by the look on her face that she is not that happy on teaching us.

She said that this subject might not required her to teach us a lot because we had already learnt the basics on last semester. She will not answer any stupid questions from us. Then, she said we might design a magazine cover. Anything related to publication. The class supposedly end after 3 hours, but since we wended early, she required us to go to the library and listed down 10 books. Any books and wrote down the title and the serial number. This assignment showed us wy some books were hard cover and some were soft cover. She wanted us to know the differences between international books and local books. So that this will helps us on our future assignments.

That's all for my first class. Toodles.

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