Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chubby is eating Crackers with Tuna :D

Hey! Watcha doing? Hehe.

Most of you would probably sleep by now. Not for me. I'm still eating. Crackers and tuna. Yumm. Eventhough I had already eaten Nasi, Tomyam Ayam and Telur Dadar. I'm still hungry. So what? If you want to say, this is how I get my 'body-licious' body, SCREW YOU. I'm happy with my body and it does not affects yours :D

Fat people, or let's be nice, chubby people are always been neglected or been the target to make fun of. It's just rude to see them being humiliated. It's painful. Believe me, I've been there -__-"

For some reason, these chubby people are always the one being picked and not the skinny like oh-I-am-so-fabolous-kind-of-person. It's just not fair. Some chubby people can basicaly do whatever ( or maybe some of them ) which the skinnies could do.

I hate being the person who some would take advantage off. Like, you'll be my friend when it comes to FOOD. You'll be my friend when it comes to STUDY. You'll be my friend when it comes to CAR. You'll be my friends when I have a ROCKING MAID. You'll be my friend when I'm what you think I'm good at things you weren't.

Sometimes, I wish I could do the same to you. But, I wouldn't, because I'm NOT YOU.

Some may even torture you with 'nice' words. Such as, "Eh,ko makin gemuk la skang.", "Pergh, baju ko dah sendat la weyh." and so much more words that can really FLATTERED you. Pfft. Why must these kind of words exists? Why must these words meant for chubby girls like me for example. Why?

Even relatives too doesn't have the feelings when it comes to these words. Some may feel like the were joking. If it was once a lifetime, it's okay. But if it was repeated again and again when you see them? Isn't it annoying? Oh my! I feel like SMACKING the words back to their faces!

Hmm. This is me, a big-fat-chubby-girl whom my family, friends and beloved loved me from the bottom of their hearts. Thanks for really accept me for who I am and not judge me by the way I look or HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE. For those who pick people by standards,

REMEMBER this, standards may help you now, but when it comes to your downfall, standards won't bring you anywhere.

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