Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lola's 18th birthday

Man, it's been so long, since my last post which was 23rd of October 2009.

For my family, sorry for not updating any news. It is because I'm busy on my exams and sometimes the internet connection wasn't good enough.

So, here am I to post something that happened on 27th of October 2009.

It was a wonderful Tuesday. No classes because I am going to have my BEL 120 exams the next day. Wish me luck :) Okay, the best part for today was, it's Amalina's 18th birthday!

Naddy came in the room with Aida discussing on how to celebrate her birthday. Amalina was at the parking lot with her friend, while we were at the room waiting for her to come up. We discussed and discussed until naddy saw her coming up the stairs with Hanis. We were like, " OMG! OMG! She's coming!"

It's already 12 midnight. So, me, Aida and Naddy waited for her at the door. As she opened the door............we sprayed her with three cans of snow spray. I repeated, THREE CANS OF SNOW SPRAY!!!

Imagine what was she like and how was the room. Haha. She was stunned and couldn't do anything but screaming and chasing us after wards. We were sooooo LOUD that woke all of our level mates and tehir reactions were, laughing :D

Amalina thanked us for the so-called-surprise-birthday and she even got a birthday card from Hanis. I intend to make her a card but since all of my artsy fartsy stuff were at home, I couldn't make one for her :( nevermind, maybe I can give her on her next birthday.

That's all for 27th of October 2009.

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