Monday, November 23, 2009


Dear blog,

I'm feeling very down today. Not really sure why. I'm not as happy as I wish I would. I not loud like I used to. I'm not in the mood of creativeness like I used when I was feeling down. I wish I was happy enough. I wish the sadness will go away. I wish everything was fine. No more frustration, no more anger, no more sadness, no more anything related to negativeness.

I miss my friends. My old friends. The friends who used to hangout with me all the time after school. The friends who always there when I need them. The friends that shares everything together. Why can't we stay that way forever? Why it has to end up that way? Why suddenly we all fall apart?

Why my BFF in primary school suddenly turned out something she's not? Why she act that way? I know people do change by time, but it just seems wrong to me. Why can't she be the same as she was in primary school even she has all grown up. I hope the friendship we had together a long time a go still inside you. I hope you still remember me as I remember you.

Yeah, maybe I'm a little bit emotional right now, due to many distraction in classes, college, house and surroundings. But still, I hope, someone or something can make me feel better day-by-day.

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