Thursday, November 12, 2009

The people

Good Evening everyone!

Ok first of all, I would like to say that, "I really can't wait to go back home!!!!" *screaming like hell*

Since all of us will be having our first sem break ( even some had already went home earlier ) , me and my friends went to DP for a bowl. Us were, me, Hafizudin, Ieza, Faez, Rafi, Emelda and Nanie. All 7 of us took a bus and a car. We departed around noon something.

First, as we reached there, we went fro our lunch at KFC. Damn, I'm so hungry at that time since I woke up late and obviously I didn't had my breakfast yet. So this will be called my 'brunch' as in breakfast + lunch :)

After we ate and finished those finger-lickin'-good chicken, we head off the bowling area. They were having promotion an weekdays which was RM3 per game. Quite cheap right? We played and surprisingly, I WON! :D I got 97 while hafizudin got 94, u missed me by 5 points. Haha.

Emelda was the funniest one. She wasn't sure that she can play bowling because when she threw the ball, she will always ended up her ball in the drain. All of us will burst in to laugh when that happen. After some time playing, she's getting better in every throw. She even got 2 STRIKES! Cool huh?

Ieza and Nanie were seriously tagging me up. They're points at first were very close to mine, but, lastly they were very far away. Hehe.

After the game was over, all of us went to the A' Famosa building behind DP. We took some pictures with the old buildings. We did climb very high stairs. Literally, high. I was wearing wedges that time, and tell me do you know how it felt? My feet was literally burning. Hehe. I never thought that they wanted to see the buildings there. I f I know, I would've wore my sneakers. Sigh. Nevermind, this will be save in my memory chip :)

Around evening, we decided to go back to the college. After having a little food to cover our stomach, we head off to UiTM.

p/s : pictures will be uploading soon :)

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