Sunday, November 08, 2009

unforgettable event

Thanks a lot to Muhammad Arif for accompanying me yesterday.

It all started with a simple msg from me saying, "Hey,would u like take me out tomorrow or Sunday? Because my last paper will be on 15 Nov and I'm freaking bored here. Fyi, it's just an idea."

Then, around 11.00 am, I got a call. From who? Guess. It's him! Arif! He woke me up with a surprise saying that he'll be there around 1.00 pm. I was unaware for that situation because I was still in bed. Then, he repeated it again and I really was surprised!

I woke up and took my bath. Want to know something funny? I was too happy about Arif's coming over, that I couldn't stop jumping in the bathroom! Hehe.

I had a cup of hot 3-in-1 Milo with cereal while waiting for him. I even watch some movies to overcome my nervousness. Then, he came..

He wore a red shirt, complete with black slack and corporate shoes. I was like, "Where were you from?" and he said, "I'm working now. Since I'm in the holidays. So, I was from a meeting."

Ok. Then, we decided to go for a movies since it's been so long since my last trip to the movies. Luckily. he has a car. No need to ride the buses. We drove and drove until we reached DP. First, we would like to watch 'Pisau Cukur' but the seated left were really near to the screen which might cause us a strain neck and obviously we can't enjoyed the movie either.

Then, we checked on the list, and I decided to watch 'Papadom' by Afdlin Shauki. Gladly, he was ok with it, even though this will be his fourth time watching the movie.

The movie was DA BOOOMMMMM!!!!! Credits to Afdlin for making such a good movie. Regarding to its title, yes, it is related to the food called papadom.

After we have finished watching the movie, we went for our late lunch which was around 5 or 6 pm. Later, he send me back to my college and I said goodbye to him and thanked him a lot for sacrificing his time to come down here just to entertain me :)

Thank you so much Arif. It was the best outing ever.

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