Friday, November 13, 2009


It's Friday and 2 more days to go.

I woke up quite early today because I have already set in mind that I have to see my RS ( resident's staff ) in her office today for the team building thingy. Wait! Do you guys know why I will be handling this? Because, starting next year I will be the DANG ANUM secretariat! Hehe.

So, this will be part of my job. Sending proposal for next sem activities, browsing through the internet for team building places, handling some of the activities and handling 400+ of DA people.

I decided to go to the HEP first, but since it's still quite early, I decided to look out for the team building places first. Then, maybe head downstairs for some breakfast before marching off to the HEP office.

I'm quite frustrated with my seniors last night. Why? Because I was supposed to hand in all of the proposal before the 16 of nov and now it's already 13 of nov! She's good at pretending in front of RS. When I came to her room to discuss about this, she simply said that she hasn't called RS yet. Then, what's the point she called me to her room?! Bummer.

That night, around 10 pm, she called me to go down to RS' house which RS doesn't have time for us to discuss. She had to go somewhere else. ARGH!

So, for now, like it or not, I have to do the things by my own. Since I'm still part 1, I, obviously doesn't have the right to force people to do things right? Nevermind, I can learn to do it on my own. No more seniors to hold me back.

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