Monday, November 23, 2009


Dear blog,

Last weekend, me and my family went to Pullman Hotels and Resort in Putrajaya for my so-called-holiday. It was actually a company dinner for my mum. So, while the dinner was held there, my mum decided to bring us along. But we were not invited to the dinner, so it's just like a vacation for us.

The building were designed creatively. There were four blocks namely Bunga Tanjung, Lotus, Jasmin and Rafflesia. One building represent one country. Bunga Tanjung from Malaysia, Lotus form China, Jasmin from India whereas Rafflesia from Borneo.

The building were based on the culture of its country. The walls, the doors, the windows, including almost everything. Yes, the architectural of the building do amazed me. The rooms were cozy and really amazing. The designed, the way they arranged the furniture, it really makes me awwwww.

We only stayed there for one night only. So, before we all leave, I did snapped some pictures of the building and, of course, me and my family in it. But, I can't post it right now because my brother had tansfered all the pictures to my father's lappy. Since, I'm using my mum's, I have to transfere it back to the camera to transfere to my mum's lappy. I'm quite lazy right now. Maybe I'll share it with you guys later.

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