Thursday, November 05, 2009

:) :) :)

Hey Hey Hey! BBM 111 had already OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, the time flies so slow. I kept on thinking when will the test would be over. I can answer for the Part A only. For Part B, the essay - which I can't do well - was the worst part. I didn't have any idea to elaborate. I was so fucking pissed off with myself. I wished I can pass BBM 111. I don't want to repeat this paper. Sigh -_-'

So, for now, I have another 10 days before my last paper which is Sociology. I love Sociology :)

Chut had already returned home right after BBM paper. Lola and Aida will be returning tomorrow and leave me all alone. Eh, wait! I still have my level mates :) hahaha

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