Friday, October 23, 2009

bored -_-'

It's Friday. And obviously, I didn't have anything to do besides collecting all of my level mates' college forms, activity cards and online college slips. I had to run here and there, back and forth, down and up the stairs to the CC to print the slip.

I was too nice enough to help them this time. But for me, it was okay when helping each other out. But, I hope by next semester, they'll give me a full commitment on what I 'll ask. I love being the head of the level.

Owh ya, last night we had to see the RS ( residents' staff ) for the 20 candidates for the new JPK for Dang Anum. I was one of them. Basically, I was forced to enter. But later after that, I try to make myself interested with this thing. This can be my platform on being whatever I want in the future. I hope that this thing can help me manage my time better and how to interact with people.

The votes were out, but Madam didn't give us the answers yet. She said that she'll informed us in one or two days. My classes were over. Yesterday was the last day of my class because starting by next week, I will be having my finals. So, wish me luck.

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