Saturday, November 14, 2009

now, the chicken can't run away :d

Saturday Saturday Saturday
Beautiful Saturday
Windy Saturday
Hot Saturday
Rainy Saturday

Cold Saturday

It's already Saturday! Can't wait for tomorrow :D

My Socio paper will be in the morning. Ended in the afternoon. 3 hours of butt-sitting in the class. Sigh -_-'

Today, me and my roommates went for our breakfast at the Syahbandar. We waited and waited for the breakfast's foods to be served but, unfortunately, they didn't serve breakfast today. Quite frustrated. Then, Chut remembered that Aida brought her car to campus, so, we decided to have our breakfast outside. We went to AG to a simple chicken rice shop. Man, the chicken rice was very delicious. Yumm :d

Then, we went back to our college. I had already started packing my stuff but not, all since I don't have my big luggage to put all of my clothes. That, I have to wait for my father to come and bring it.

Good Luck to all of the student who will be taking Sociology LIB 101 exam tomorrow :)

This is CHUT

This is Amalina

This is Aida

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