Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Special Animals

Today,I started my class with LTC and afterwards my SSP class. Something happened when I entered the class. Theres this one person named Khalid and he really annoys me. Why? Because I was talking with my friends about my homework and suddenly he came to us and said, "Oh! Somebody didn't do their homework." I was like what's wrong with him. It is not that I haven't finished my homework,it just that i want to ask some questions to my friend.

Then he started singing in the class. An English song. He sang the same song everyday. I mean EVERYDAY!!! He really can just sing the song infront of someone's face. Seriously! Don't you think that it is very irritating? For me,yes. And for my new SSP teacher,I couldn't understand what she was teaching because sometimes I couldn't understand what she was saying. It was a little bit difficult and she wasn't that friendly either. Her class was boring but I have to study in her class or I fail the exams. I have to blend in with her style of teaching. I have to! She gave us a lot of homework to improve our English and it does consits marks on our final exams. Like it or not,we have to finished it by Thursday.

My conversation class was about animal : Special Animals. Theres examples on this topic such as a dog named Tango and a cat named Oscar. They have some abilities that a re unbelievable. The cat can sense death. The cat stays in a hospital with it's owner. The cat will stay with people who have only 24 hours to live and she will wounder around the patients to pay sympathy to the patients. Then theres Tango. It's ability is he can detected cancer cells in one's body trough the smell of their urines. I think that animals are extremely helpful to humans because they have such amazing sense of smell that humans cannot detect and sometimes their action are unpredictable. That's why some people says that animals are the closets to God.

Oh reading and writing class. This level is hard. I've pass my last month exams with credit and now I went up one level. And of course the exams will be hard. Today I have learnt how to write essays on problems and solutions. I tell you it was hard. My group have to do a presentation on 'Overpopulation' and have to tell everybody about the couses,effects and solution to overcome this problem. Hard,hard but I will try my best!

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