Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nasi Lemak with Giggles

Yesterday was awesome!

Why? I'll tell you later on. I had my breakfast at Nasi Kandar Pelita sec9 with my family. I had had Nasi Lemak same with my father. My sister had Nasi Mamak for breakfast. It is amazing that Mamak stall having Nasi Mamak in the morning! Usually the would served those kinds of food in the evening. After having some breakfast,we all went back home. I was a little bit tired because I woke up early about 7.30 am!

After reaching home, I went straight to my bedroom and dooze off. Zzzzzzzz! Woke up later on about an hour later because my mom was yelling downstairs to make me find the paint brush. Oh my! My head hurts. Later on,my sister and my maid went to sleep untill 7pm. Why? Because we wanted to go to the Pasar Malam. It is our weekly activity. Haha.

Although outside theres a little bit rain but not so heavy,we went out anyway. We had our dinner there. I had had a chicken burger,my sister had had a fried bihun plus fried kuey teow and lastly my maid had had a fried chicken and fried 'hempedal' on stick. We went back home at about 10pm. Quite late though.

That night was the awesome night for me because if my maid had'nt slept in my bedroom,we all wouldn't laugh all through the night. We laugh for some silly talking like my maid said,"Good nite to all." But I heard it wrongly. It was like,"Good night B.O." I was like what with the body odour? Why she said like that? I asked her why. and she was like,"Bila mase?" After then we all laugh all the way untill 12am.

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Fafa ♥ said...

tah pape je. ahahaha