Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rainy day with an Iranian Boy.

Today is a very wonderful day for me. Why? Because I can't stop laughing to this one Iranian boy who is really cute! Hahaha. No no. I'm just kidding. The reason is because when he says some words it usually have some Iranian slang in it. For example,the word 'true' , he will pronounce it as 'turuuu'. Then for 'clever' , he will pronounce it as 'kilever'. Lastly,for words like 'professor' , he will pronounce it like this 'porofessor'. Seriously,it was hillarious. Because of him,I can't stop laughing. I laugh so excitedly that my teacher asked me, "Asilah,why are you laughing?" And I just couldn't answered her because I just can't stop! I took me a while to recover from the laughing probs. Do you know that the Iranian boy was actually sitting beside me? And he went like this, "Why?". I said nothing :) He's just 19 y/o whose has a height of 191cm. Imagined that!

Next,theres a funny story happened when my teacher went for his lunch. This is how he told us the story.

'He was having his lunch when he noticed a couple sitting two tables away from him. Something make him curious was the partner of that couple was she or he a boy or a girl. While eating,he take a quick look at that person for like every 20 seconds I think. So,he has to eat his lunch very slowly,really slowly. Why? because he wanted to pay the same time as the couple to solve his curiosity. By the time the couple had finished eating their lunch,he had also finished his lunch. So they paid together and he Q exactly behind the couple. The interesting part was when the 'person' talks.

This was the conversation, that 'person' talks like this, " Erm,Teh O Ais Limau dan Air Kosong." But se was saying it with a guy's voice. That what suprised him. That person was actually a girl and he really acted like a boy! So,the curiosity problem has been solved and now it's time for him to pay and he did something that shocked the couple. He said to the cashier, "Fried Rice and Teh O Ais" using a girl's voice! Hahahahahaha. That couple was embarresed and he just smiled and walked away. This was like the pengkid situation.

That evening it was raining heavily and I didn't bring any umbrella. So,i have to wait for about 1/2 an hour for the rain to stop. But it didn't. Then,I went to the nearest mamak stall which I have lunch for like everyday to ask the owner wheather he has an umbrella. Luckily, he has. So. I asked if he can lend it to me and I said that I will returned it the next day. He said yes. I took his umbrella and went off to the KTM. When I was walking, there were so many water puddles on the road. Because of the rain,My shoes were wet. So,I just play with the water. Stepping here and there. Like I was a kid again. It is like a person said,"Kecik-kecik kurang bahagia." Suddenly without a noticed,Theres this one car just speeds up and splashed all the water to me. I know he did it on purpose because when he had done that he stopped his car and just went off after that. I am so pissed off!!
Really I do.

This is the story for today And I'm sorry if it's too long. Enjoy :)

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