Wednesday, February 04, 2009


My exams just now was ok. Thanked God! I was so nervous about the exams. First I had a writing exams. there were 4 topics to be choose namely types of cars,types of communication,valentine's celebration your country and a traditional wedding in your country. And of course I had choosen the wedding because I have done it before. haha. It was arelief when I had finished the exams. I hope I pass it with flying colours. The last clas which is conversation class, I had another exams which is listening exams. This exams is we have to listen to a conversation in a radio and answer the question in a subjective paper. The question was a multiple choice question. Luckily I have so many choices :) Tomorrow I will be having two more tests. Again! For my structure and reading exams. Please do wish me luck!

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