Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Exams

Today,I'm having my writing and listening exams. It was hard for the listening exam because we didn't have any multiple choice questions like last month. This month we had to fill in the blanks with the answers. So,I had to listen to the conversation very hard and I had to stay focused on it. For writing exam it's ok for me because I love to write. Thanks God I can finished it :) I still have another 2 exams on the following Monday. Wish me luck!

Just now I found something very interesting on someone's page about someone's blog. I have waited for this person's blog and now I have it. Hurray! What's it? Hehe it's a secret.

Currently watching Raja Lawak season 3. For me this isn't a good show for me but show like 'Lu pikir La Sendiri' this one suits me :) I like Nabil. He's idea on the funny things was like spontaneous. He can have so many increadible and amazing ideas to entertain the viewers. I like how he communicates with the viewers and also don't forget Zizan.

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