Monday, February 09, 2009

2 movies in one day :)

Yesterday,we went for a movie in the afternoon at Sunway Pyramid. We i mean me,my sister,Aqilah,my brother,Bazli and my maid,Kak Rosy. We departed at 2.00 pm and reached there about 2.30 pm. We reached at the cinema and the line was so looooooooong! Seriously! Luckily,I've already booked the tickets on the phone. But when it's my turn to buy the tickets there's thi sone chinese guy like being rude to me. He said something like this "Hey,lu pergi beratur blakang la. Org lain pown beratur." And I replied, " Apsal pulak? Saya dah sampai sini and saya dah book tiket. Npe lak nk kna pergi belakang?" Then he answered me," Hey pergi je la beratur belakang!" Owh he pissed me off! I answered back,"Hey abg kaunter dah cakap ni tempat orang dah tempah tiket,ko tak tempah x pyh bising la!" Then I just bought my tickets and went off. Then he just went to the counter I've just left! I was like what 's wrong with that man? If you just want to buy the thickets,just Q behind me. That's all. No need to make a big fuss!


Me and Aqilah watched Pink Panther 2. The movie was awesome and hillarious. My sister and I was laughing all the way through the movie. Detective Jaqueus Clouseau was very funny!

And then he's been selected for the 'dream team' for searching for the lost Pink Panther Diamond and lots of the valuable things in the world. He's been in the tea with Pepperidge from Great Britain, Vincenzo from Italy, Kenji from Japan and Sonia ( played by Aiswarya Rai) from India. They were all good. You should see it.


This movie is star by Saiful Apek as Sifu and Nabil Ahmad as Tongga. Bazli and kak rosy watched this movie. We watched 2 separated movies. They said this movie was funny. Those who like comedies should watch this 2 movies.

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