Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Okay, for the last 2 weeks, I've been cleaning my room for recycling any old books and magazines. So that I have more space for my clothes. Haha. No lah, just kidding. It's just Abah was in the mood for cleaning all those stuff and Abah said we can sell it to the scraper. When we say SELL, means Ka-ching Ka-ching. HAHA.

So, I started to clean my own room. All those old school textbooks which may not be used anymore since textbooks will be renewed every 5 years. So no need lah tu simpan-simpan.

The interesting part was finding something you missed the most. Like, our secret diary with ALL your secrets in it. Your old school's magazine. Your high school pictures and even your primary ones. I've know, I found mine and it was HILLARIOUS! Looking at your face about 10 years back! Haha.

You can see how scattered were my things. I had sooo many things to be recycled. Owh ya, I've even found my offer letter from many colleges and universities when I was in form 5.

Then, I found a book which I know most of you probably had when you were little. Don't lie ahh. A book which contans pictures of clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and whatever you want to buy when you are grown up and have enough money. Haha. I have mine :)

Can you see all those BERANGAN thingy-thingy? Haha. Biasalah budak kecik mmg suka berangan :D

The End.

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