Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mari Sertai Blog Pilihan Malaysia

See the title? I got it from Kak Bey .

According to him, he found out some competition between bloggers. Just between us bloggers. As, if you do not owned a blog, then how must you compete? Okay, this segment is basically, if I'm not mistaken, to attract more people to join by having a blog. In this prticular blog, it does mention about blog tutorial, and famous blog according to voters.

The blog is called Blog Pilihan Malaysia. You can click it to find out.

I'm thinking of joining it just for fun. Since, it's not that fun, if you have a blog but don't have many people reading it. That's just like writing it in your own diary :D It's good to have people reading your blog.

As for what I've known there are about 7 catogories for blogs :
  • Blog Personal Lelaki Pilihan
  • Blog Personal Suami Pilihan
  • Blog Personal Wanita Pilihan
  • Blog Personal Isteri Pilihan
  • Blog Masakan Pilihan
  • Blog Lawak Pilihan
  • Blog Tutorial Pilihan
I choose to be in the "Blog Personal Wanita Pilihan". Ye lah, takkan nak pilih yang Isteri kowt, chek belum kahwin nooo. Nak plih yang lawak, rsenyer tak setanding la dengan Maharaja Lawak. Haha. I'm not quite sure about the presents as it does not stated. But as I said earlier. Just for fun :)

I'm not a hardcore blogger who writes about politics, not a chef to write about foods and wine, not even a professional writing about experiments. I'm just me, writing about me and my events on a particular day.

My blogs usually involve my feelings, my addicted, my desire, my memories, and myself ( obviously ).

Those who have blogs can easily join this competition. By just clicking at the link above, and there you go. Easy right?


Anonymous said...

haha siap tag lagi

AB said...

haruslah kak bey. he2 :D