Thursday, May 05, 2011

4 down, 2 more to go.

As for what you've seen from my title, it is mean that I've finished my 4th semester for my diploma and I've got 2 more to go. Thank God, I can't wait for this to finish.

It's already May and April had already left the house. So, goodbye April, H-E-L-L-O May-licious.

I'm going to nagged and bragged on whatever happened in my 4th semester and obviously thanked for the good things.

I started my 4th semester like every semester. The Ice Breaking thingy with the lectures and subjects. I took PUB251, Pub252, Bro231, ADV241, ECO101 and LIB202.

On PUB251, we learned about the basic for design and our project for he semester was making a brochure for a campaign. We choose to make a brochure for AIDS campaign. We had difficulties at first since we consits of 5 people and end up doing it was 3. But nvmd, at least by the end of the semester all of us did contribute something.

Pub252 where we learnt on publishing. About newspaper, magazines, brochures and all the printed media. We needed to go to any publishing house or our research and present it by the end of semester. We choosed Universiti Malaya Press as UM has their own publishing house. It was a great experience as I got to see the machines though it wasn't in-work that time as we came a little bit late.

Owh owh owh BRO231, quite a challenging subject as the lectures seems a little bit confusing for me. The notes weren't that complete as I had to googled it to find more about the subjects for exams.

ADV241 was fun when it came to the presentation for the project. We had to make an advertisement for newspaper and radio. Imagine that we recorded our jinggle the night before presentation and we design our advertisement an hour and a half BEFORE the class started. What a mess! Owh ya, while waiting for my friend to withdraw her money, I tried t park my car and got into the drain. Nice one. Hahahaha. What an experience.

ECO101 with the famous-funny-guy, Sir Idham. Everybody loves him. Literally. He made Economics sounds easy as it sometimes weren't.

Lastly, the HOT ISSUE of the semester. The subject of LIB202 with you-know-who :D no need to elaborate more eh?

This is some of me and my groupmates work so far..

This is our Mango Ahmad Tea Newspaper advertisement.

This is our AIDS Campaign brochure.

Pape pown, I just can't wait for my diploma to be over. I wonder how will next semester be...

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