Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meatballs IKEA

In my 20 years of living, this is my first time eating Meatballs in IKEA.

IT WAS GOOD, SCRUMPTIOUS, DELICIOUS, MOUTH-WATERING, ahhhh semuanya lah. Sedap gilerrr!!!

I met with Lily, my bestfriend from school, after 3 years of leaving school, baru dpt jumpa dia. Haiyaaa. Lama betul tak jumpa dia. We made plan to go out today, but don't know where to go. So she decided to have lunch at IKEA. Where the speciality is Meatballs.

I let Lily take all the order, as I don't have a clue how to. So, this is how it went.

First, we take the trolley.

Then, we put the tray. Owh ya, this trolley can put 3 trays maaa.

Then, pick your order and put it on the tray. Haha.
Then, u pay pay laaa.

This is the Meatballs.

This is Chicken Wings.

This is DAIM cake.
Then, makan makan laaa. Takkan tengok jer.

Owh yaa, ni la LILY :)

After that, we head for movies. I decided to watch Kongsi. A malay comedy/action movie. Stars by Shaheizy Sam, Piee, Intan Ladyana and many more.

The movie was funny which I liked it. I wonder why people said the movie was bad. Nvmind, for what ever reason, if you want to judge it, go and see it first. Then you can judge, okay :)

While waiting for the movie to start, we wonder around four shopping malls ; IKEA, IKANO, CURVE and CINEPLEX ( I think ). Nice day to spend with.

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