Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BK w Hanem :)

Hanem Anuar :)
My beloved junior in DAN 1311.
We met for a lunch in Burger King at 13.
Sadly, Farahbellalalalal and Tini Tinut couldn't make it. sad.. :'(
Next time maybe?

I pick her up at the KTM station and went to BK. We sat and hink what to eat. I ordered Whooper. U know the big big one ah. So big, I was a little bit suprised as the last time I remember, Whooper was not that big. Nah, maybe it's just my imagination. Hanem bought chicken kind of burger.

See how big is the Whooper?

We talked, then suddenly we saw a delivery motorcycle with a box at the back named PHD.
We were like,

Me : "Ada jual PHD ker?"
Her : "Ntah."
Me : "PHD as in yg after Master tu ker?"
Her : "Takkan ada delivery kowt? Giler lah dalam box tu bergulung2 sijil. Hahaha."

We were laughing so happily. Suddenly, I remembered that behind BK was Pizza Hut Delivery.


OMG! The PHD stands for Pizza Hut Delivery!!

Damn! It was totally funny, I told you. It sounds so stupid at that time. Hahaha.

But as people said, If you're never be stupid, than you're not human. Okay, this is lame. It's just me saying this quote :D

Smiley Smiley :D

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