Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outing lagi :)

I'm going koo-koo over you. Haha XD

Went for a movie of Nur Kasih the Movie. Ala, movie yang semua orang suka tuh. Yang aku tak tengok pown boleh tau sikit2. Haha. Went with hanem again :)

Unfortunately, sedihnya, Tini Tinut sama Farahbellalalala couldn't make it again! Huhu. Sabar. Sabar. Farah is following her family to Kelantan as her sister/brother is going to UiTM Kelantan while Tini got relatives coming over her house. So, yeah, two of us again.

We booked the ticket at 1.20pm, and went for luch after that. We ate at Station Kopitiam but suddenlt the price was a little bit high than we expected. As, in Malacca the prices are a little bit lower. Damn, there's go my RM20.

After that, we when for the movie. The thing that made me confused, as I'm not following the series of Nur Kasih, was the appearence of a female with only black dress. Which made me a little bit confused, so kami sikit-sikit cakap, siapa dia, malaikat ker? nenek sihir ke? Haha. Overall, the movie was a good movie and a good choice to see.

Then we head to Asian Avenue as Cik Anem needed new handbag. So, she bought one. Me? Don't ask.

While it was still early, we decided to eat some Japanese food called Takoyaki. It's like a meatball but without the meat. Instead, you can choose between chicken & cheese, octopus, prawn or abalone. The cook will cook it first and then served with mayonaise and a lot of fish flakes. It costs about RM4.50 for 3 balls. Okay lahhh.

Haha. We even had sushi. But not the Sushi King or Sushi Tei, we just ate ala sushi yang murah2 kat Jusco tuhh. Hehe.

We did hang, laugh on books at the Popular bookstores. Looking on simple recipes, that MAYBE we might try. Hehe.

Owh yaa, before we head back home, we went for prices surveys for Ice Skating and Sunway Lagoon. For ice skating is about Rm30 and SUnway Lagoon is; Adults is RM80 while children is RM65. Haiyaaa, quite expensive loorrhhh. Memang betul2 kna simpan duit klau nk main benda2 nih.

Before sending Cik Anem back to her house, we hang a while at the Skate park to enjoy our J.CO donuts :)

Wanna know what Tini Tinut send us a msg while we were in Sunway? It went something like this,
"Jealousnya :( klau makan sushi, igtlah kte sepanjang masa dlm setiap kunyah. Jgn main ice skating sbb kte takde nk tgk korg jatuh n nk tolong gelakkan. Jgn masuk cotton on sbb nnt teringat kt kte pastu takkan belikan pape utk kte. Forever 21 pown sme. Jgn mkn Takoyaki, nnt sotong tu menyanyi nama kte, nyesal korg mkn. Jgn mkn BK, naik sem kna ukur peha ( ekin tak boleh join, dia menang tanpa bertanding ). Oh, amik gmbr korg utk kte, then update kt blog :) miss u guys. Mmuah muah! Have a great time muntots sekalian :-) love, yg amat berhormat terlebih terhormat datin paduka sri baginda toh puan cik sari TINI anggun. ;)"

You know what Tini, we did everything you stated here, except for the Cotton On and Forever 21. We couldn't find it. Owh yaa, we ate Marshmellow :D Sorry.

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haneym said...

masuk sunway lagoon ka hooo hoo hoo tuh rm 60 la utk adult kalo ade mykad..