Saturday, January 09, 2010

after some while....

It's been one week now since new year ( more than one week actually ) , and I did have wonderful days until now.

I'm already back in uitm for about one week and everything seems ok, for now. The classes were okay. I don't have any classes on wednesday, but for sure my classmates will be begging to jumble back the classes so that there will be no classes on friday. They are very good on begging ;)

I did went out with my friends last week just to get together after so long due to the sem break. I bought a cute beg and a pair of slipers like platform, you know the roxy type. Yeah, I know it's fake, and I do know that I will not and never can afford the original one. So beat it.

My classes for this sem will be a little bit tough than last sem. I had classes on writing for mass media, intro to human communication, public speaking ( which I'm afraid most -_-' ) and another mass media. These are some of the subjects for sem2 masscommers.

Luckily, all of my lectures can be negotiable. ( Get what I mean? ) I mean, they can be friendly too. Hehe. If we say, we wanted to change our classes, they can go with it, on one condition. We, as the students, must find an empty class to replace it.

About my roomies, yeah, I still have them :) My same-old-roomies. At my level, there are 4 new part 1 students and all of them are masscommers ;) Too many masscommers in one building. For sem1 only, Dang Anum has 23 student on MC110. This is not included with the seniors.

Owh ya, Tini, the french + jawa girl, changes her room from wing 2 to wing 1 and she's in the room in front of me :D yea!

I think thats all for today. See u next time, if I have the time to write. Toodles :D

p/s : I miss my family :)

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