Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday, Human Comm Day

Today is Tuesday and Tuesday means Human Communication Day :)

I just looooovvvvvveeeeee this class. Why? Because Miss Fara made this subject very interesting. It was quite fun learning with her.

After BEL260 class, we, one whole class, went to th elibrary for the seniors signatures. We even chase the seniors! Haha. We had to take at least 50 signatures from part 5 and part 6, and 15 signatures of the Komed's MT. For now, I had already have 63 signs for the seniors and another 8 for the MT part. Tonight, me and my friends will be continuing chase the seniors :D

The seniors said that you have to be creative to won some prizes and this kid did something unexpectedly. He ( the up one ) choose his pants to be the place where seniors had to sign on. The below one is KOPI VASLOV, one of the part 6 seniors.

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