Saturday, January 23, 2010

all in one

The king of fruits had just arrived from Bahau, Negeri Sembilan to room no 1308. The strong smell can be smell [?] from across the level. There were about 4 or 5 of it. Well, it was Amy who brought it here actually. Since it will be not enough for the whole level, we share the fruits just among us as in me, Tini, Amy, Qiss, Sarah, Anis, Chut and Fatin. The fun part was how to open the pointy fruits :D

After that we had SUKOL ( sukan antara kolej ). Last night, we had netball matches behind the sports unit. Unfortunately, only 4 colleges were participated from 10 of the colleges. The more the merrier right? But, what can we do. So, we just played then. Our college got 2nd place ad that was enough for us. We lost to Dang Merduwati. 3rd place was Dang Wangi and followed by Tun Kudu on 4th.

That night, after the matched were over, we went back to our room. The YDP sent me a msg saying that I have to do a meeting at my level to tell my levelmates about tomorrow's 'gotong-royong'. Then, out of the sudden, the NYDP came upstairs and started yelling at us to come down to the court. I just hate when they yelled at us. Can't they just like say it nicely without any yelling or screaming.

So, like it or not, we went down. They separated us into two groups : the ones who went to the game and the ones that doesn't. They said that they were angry with the ones who didn't went to the game. I mean, they have their own reasons why. And at one time, the seniors did asked some stupid questions ( for me, it is stupid ).

Evidence A,

Senior ( S ) : YOU! ( saying to one junior ) Did you went to the game?
Junior ( J ) : Yes.
S : If yes, then what position does D played?
J : D played WD.

My Point of View : I mean, what kind of question is that? Hey come on lah, you can't possibly remember what position the players were. I mean, if we go for a game, of course we only shout when our group scored. Not focusing on what positions they in. Like, David for example, he's famous as a footballer but do we know what position he played? No right? Same goes to this situation.

Evidence B,

S : Why were you not at the game?
J : I had period pain and I couldn't get up.
S : Hey! Don't give me excuses! You know, L also got her period but she still can play! Don't lie to me!

My Point of View : Don't they have brains? When we say period pais, it doesn't mean that all of us had the same period pain. Some may not feel a thing, some even fainted because of the period pain. So, the seniors shouldn't compare those kind of things.

Evidence C,

S : Why do you guys went off before the game finish?!
J : *everyone silent*
S : Even the part 4 seniors can stay until the end, why can't you?!

My Point of View : Hello! You can't force someone to see the game from A to Z. Just sitting there for 2 hours. If it bored the person, then he or she have the rights to leave. So, you seniors can't say like that. And one more thing, what with this comparing seniors and juniors????!!!! If the seniors want to stay, then be it. It's their choice. We, as the juniors, not even in the same level or status as the seniors. So, when you compare us, what really do you compare?

Evidence D,

S : I'm really pissed off with you guys! Now, I want you to thank the part 1 one-by-one because they played you you guys.
J ( all of us ) : THANK YOU PART 1 !!

My Point of View : At this part, I'm really really really really pissed off!! It was like the seniors had lowered our standard in front of the juniors. I mean, we didn't even want them to play. The Sports unit were the ones who organized it. We didn't even get the chances to play any sports last sem due to the H1N1 case and still didn't get the opportunity this sem. Sigh. This sem juniors were like living in HEAVEN! Argh, whatever lah!

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