Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frustration + Happy = Fruppy ?!

Good afternoon, first of all. I say, today, I'm quite happy and a little bit of frustrated.

Let's read the happy part first.

Ok, now I'm officially the new secretary for my college :) Yes, I'm really happy about it even though there will be a lot of works to do. Hopefully, these works can teach me on something. Yesterday, we, as in all of the MT college for all colleges, had this meeting with the MPP ( Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar ) at DKHEA2. First, we had to introduce ourselves to all of the committees and then, we started our discussion on problems in colleges.

We have about 14 colleges ; Dang Anum, Dang Wangi, Dang Merduwati, Tun Putih, Tun Merah, Tun Teja, Tun Kudu, Tun Senaja, Tun Puteri, Lekiu, Jebat, Lekir, Tuah and Kasturi.

We ended the meeting around 11.00pm+ and by that time, I'm already tired.

Now, let's go to the unhappy part.

I have this one called friend. At first, I didn't know what her problem was, because she kept ignoring me and sayin bad things about me behind my back, including 'jeling-jeling' in front of me. I really really annoyed with her. So, I just kept quiet about this.

This afternoon, a friend of mine told me the problem she's been acting that way. She hd been pissed off with me just because I stick a note at her door. It's just a note about "Please throw your rubbish". That's all and she's making a big fuss about it because it's only her room that got the note. It's not my fault if her room was the only room had rubbish outside. If there were others room, I, definitely stick a note too. It's not like, I LIKE to stick the note anyway. I have a lot of things to do than sticking the note.

I hope she understand the main reason I did that. FYI, I did talk to her to throw the rubbish, but, she didn't listen. So, that's when the notes take part.

Whatever laa, up to you my dear whatever you want to say.

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