Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday Blues

*Pictures were taken during the signatures time in the library.

On Monday, I had classes like usual. Nothing interesting happen.

  • CTU was okay. The lecturer was quite friendly and know how to make us listened to her.
  • BEL260 was fun :) like always.
  • COM161, we had to submit our proposal and we did our presentation about our proposal and our topic was ' The Internet - Student's Current Addcition ' . It was a good thing that Mr Fazlul like our presentation and our proposal. We just had to re-type some mistakes in the proposal and overall, everything seems fine for us and him.

Owh ya, we had to take our seniors signatures for the induction, which I couldn't make it because I will have my Team Building activity at the same day. Sigh -_____-" I really wish I can go for the induction. It sounds WAY fun than the team building thingy. But, like it or not, I don't have a choice. I have to go for the team building activity because there is no one that can replace me T.T

That night, I had my first Silat class. At around 9 pm the class started. I was so nervous because I was the only one girl that was new because most of the new girls went to Dewan Bendahara for a meeting with the TPHEP people. Yes, I skip the meeting :) The Silat class was not that bad, it was okay, for now. I had learned Type A and Type B. We ended our class at aroun 11.30 pm and by that time, I was already tired. I reached to my room, cleaned myself and went to bed.

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