Friday, January 29, 2010


I quit! I quit! I quit! I quit! :D

Maybe you guys will asked me, what's this all about. Okay, here I'm going to tell you everything.

I quit being the college secretary. Why? It's because I just couldn't cope anymore with the seniors that work with me. I mean, we're in this thing together but why can't we work as one?! Why must we work with a feeling of selfishness? I know, I'm the youngest but please respect me as I respect you. What's so wrong with what I'm saying last night? You guys were the one who asked about it, but when I tried to explain, you guys couldn't accept it.

So, I made my decision, I quit. If I had to work with you guys for one freaking year, NO WAY I'm going to do that. I better quit now, then suffer later. It just give me headaches and make me stress for no reason.

Maybe if I want to be one of the MT for the college, I will try it again when I'm in part 4. So, toodles for now. I'm already feeling sleepy. Nyte2.

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n3dmax said...

biase la tu...people...ko hdup dlm dunia ni x sumer yg akan sekepala dgn dugaan idup...sabar aje...

kuatkan semangat yeah bebeh!!! ahhahaha