Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Futsal - full of surprises

On last Saturday, we had another SUKOL game which was futsal. Again, only 4 college were participated. Lame -_____-" We won second, AGAIN!

Man, me and my friends were so frustrated watching the game. Why? Because the player seems to be not focusing on the game. Okay, if you missed one or two goal, fine. We accept that. But ELEVEN TRIES?! and still haven't goal?! That is sooooo unacceptable! So, now we know the feeling when guys watch football.

Something funny happened during the game, our player were trying to get the ball same goes to the opponent. To tackle the ball, the opponent pull our team player jersey and there was fight going on shortly after that. Haha. Because of that incident, me and my friends invent a song based on them,

"Tarik baju,
Tarik baju,
Lagi. "

It was Fun :D

But, the unfair part was, not all part 1 were they. Even part 2 were there and all of it WERE there and the seniors did nothing with the part 1 juniors that didn't come to the game. So, pilih kasih.

There was one time, when a group decided to ditch the game and I saw it. Earlier, the seniors asked us ( were it was actually force us ) to stay until the end. So, I said to my seniors, "Kak F, mana boleh diorang balik. Akak kata semua kena tunggu sampai habis. Kitorg tak nak roll call lagi. " and she did this, "Cammy, tolong panngil diorg sruh datang balik." And guess what Cammy did.

She just stared at them and walked away. I mean, WTFISH??!!!! SO, this is how they handle everything?? SO unfair man. I even asked another senior on what's her opinion, and she said that she's too confused with how the MT handled everything.

I really don't understand with them especially the high position one.

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