Sunday, March 01, 2009

May God bless her...

Yesterday,I've lost one of my relatives which is my aunt called Mak Long. She has returned on 28 Feb 2009 on 9.20 am. I was not aware for this situation because my mom wouldn't wants to shock us if not me and my siblings don't have the energy to eat. Therefore,my mom decided to tell us after breakfast. After that she told us what's going on and of course all of us were in shock and the tears started to fall. We went straight to our hometown and all of the family relatives were already there. I went straight to my closest cousin and I tried to calm her down. She was the youngest in her family and I'm very sorry about her mother. But I know she's brave enough to handle it.

All of us were sad especially the victims family. It was a sad situation for me because the last time I saw my aunt was last Hari Raya in Oct 2008. That was the last time I saw her. She had a disease called 'strok' but everyone know about it before she died. Everyone were in a mourning situation.

After that some of the granies and my aunt's daughter and sister-in-law washed her up and prepare for the prayer at the mosque. Lastly,my aunt was safely buried in the evening after Asar. All of us felt that we lost someone special in the family.

Some of the pictures that I took,

That night,the boys and us were making fried mee for dinner. Some pictures,

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