Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wedding @ Terengganu Part 3

The next day,I opened the plastics cover on my fingers and what shocked me was,it was very painful to open the plastic because my fingers have already wrinkled up. When I touched my fingers,it was very very very very painful. I had to wait about one hour to make my fingers recover again. Then,we went to 'pasar pagi' at Jalan Batu Enam.

The place was also full of cats. Everywhere! There were so cccccuuuuttttteeeeeee :) :) :) The amazing thing at the 'pasar' was the stall owner was sitting at the same level as the thing they were selling. Usually in common 'pasar', they either standing or sitting on a chair. But here they didn't.

And also the owner who sells 'kuih-muih'. And she sells a lot of i mean a lot!

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