Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Thank you for the English

I'm having a hard time trying to complete today's listenig exam. Why? because some of the questions I couldn't answered it. And it's making me frustrated! I was like,"Teacher,can you rewind the tape again?" And of course the answer was,"NO!" Haiyaa! I sit straight and just moved on with the next questions. Everyone were focusing on the questins and I can see some students bitting their pens,scratching their heads and some just doing it patiently.

I wish I was in the last gruop ; doing it patiently. The test took about 50 minutes. I repeat 50 minutes. Not 1 hour. I wish it was. Nevermind the test has already finished. I hope I pass with flying colours because if I dont pass,I would have to repeat tha level again for another month. I don't want to waste my parents' money. So I have to pass! Have to! The writing exam was ok for me. I did about problem and solutions on drug addict.

I've heard that the SPM results is coming out on 12th March 2009. I'm so excited and also worried. Whether I pass or not,I'll have to wait. It was raining heavily this evening. Since it was raining,I had to run to reach home. Today we have to practice for the Graduation Day and somone was totally selfish in the class that annoyed all of the classmates. For example, this person was in the International Group and he has to speak in English and convers a topic which is connected to Englis. But instead he asked a girl student some personal questions and of course the groupmates didn't like it. So they asked that guy to stop asking such question and come back to the real track. But he was soooooooo selfish that he said,"Mind your own bussiness!". Therefore,I as the Asst. Coordinator, have a meeting with my Director and Asst. Director to change him to the Arabic group. And he looked tthat he didn't mind but then he said he would not come for the gradution day. That was a very shocking information becaus ewe really need him in the Arabic Group. So,the teacher told us not to be babies and move on. Because this is not the first time you'll fail,theres a lot of things you might fail outside. Who knows you might fail in your job,marriage and family. Who knows?

The tacher was really pissed of with his attitude and character. Same goes with all of the calssmates. For our presentation,we have to sing a song from ABBA 'Thank you for the music'. But we changed it to, 'Thank you for the English'.

The lyrics,

Thank you for the English
The words I'm saying
Thanks for all the joy you're bringing
Who can live without it (nobody,nobody,nobody)
I asked you honestly
What will we be
Without an A or a B or a C
So I say thank you for the English
For bringing it to me (2x)

It was a wounderful song.

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