Sunday, February 16, 2014

Troll Troll Trolly

Yesterday was supposed to be a classmates gathering since Amani is here already but no luck this time. Most of our classmates already had planned. Nevermind, next time :) So ended up me and only Amani. So both of us decided at first to watch movie and go find something to eat. But the time fly so fast, so we only had time for eat as watching movie sound fun if we have like 4-5 friends. So went to giant first to find some stuffs for Amani, and then went to SCM to find more. Then when it is time to eat, I have difficulties finding something to full my tummy. Though at SCM have a lot of restaurant and snacks bar, still don't know what to eat.

So we thought of heading to Subang as it has a lot of foods restaurants and cafe. First we head to Upstairs cafe, but as it was weekends, obviously, there were no seats available. Then, we go on a cafe hunt, as one Ejat had tweeted a new cafe in Subang, The Bearded Lady, we found it but sadly the kitchen already closed. and they only had drinks. Nope. I'm already hungry and a drink couldn't make me full.

You know where we end up eating? McDonalds section 7 ! Haha. Rasa macam kena troll je semalam.

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