Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hello again

A year has past, addition to my current age. Which I'll be turning 23 soon. 2013 has left us and came 2014. Resolution you may ask? What resolution? It seems that my 2013's resolutions have not yet be fulfilled, and why must I have a 2014 's? Owh yes, we Malaysians have this kind of habits that we only made resolutions like in the end of December and we'll be like, "By next year, I want to be skinny.", or "I'll be more motivated in my assignments in next sem.", or maybe this one, "I'll work hard to earn every penny that the world has prepared for me."

Tell me, who has already achieved their goals and dreams and whatever BS? To those who DID really well and achieved it, kudos my friend. But for those who are not, like your truly here, well, there are still months to go before 2015. 

But 2013 has been good actually. Though obviously has it's ups and downs. But I do cherish moments of knowing new friends like my Degree classmates. we're only 10 in a class. 10 jokers that have our own unique-ness and characteristics but after 3 sems being together, we're good. We're bonds like brother and sisters. Well, actually sisters and one brother. Haha. 

But one thing in Degree's life that I surely not liking it that much was, not being able to hang or see with your own bffs. Though we may in one faculty but getting the right time to see or having meal together was hard like we were in a different state. I'm here and she's there. I'm free and she's not. Despite all of it, that I can managed, but the part where she cancelled the date that I was supposed to make her a surprised birthday party was the icing of my ice-cream before it melts. Everything that I had planned - ruined. It was already hard to see her and I had to make an appointment just to meet her for lunch. Yes, appointment. Somehow life in Degree can surely messed-up a person's life.

I'll brag more later on. I just got back my mood for writing and hopefully this mood will stay - at least for a while. As I miss writing. 

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