Saturday, February 08, 2014

Churros Royale anybody?

I first fell in love with churros is when I tried my first bite at The Sumbs - a local cafe where you can find desserts by Dato' Fazley. But then I tried at Meteora, Subang and it tasted better ! with a dash of cinnamon and icing sugar with caramel dipping, just heaven.

But this time, I found Churros Royale at One City Mall, Subang. Where they have the best view at 10th floor known as Skypark Garden. Okay, back to churros. Basically it is a doughnut-kinda snack. Thought of buying churros with fillings in it, but sadly, they haven't sold yet. So bought the original flavor. What amazed me was, the way they make it. I did not know, they have a big machine to make churros. All I though was the small plastic pipe to make it.

Here you can see, the machine being pipe directly in the hot oil and walaaaah, your churros is ready. 

6 sticks for RM6.00


Meteora Subang said...

Hi! Alief here from Meteora Cafe Subang Jaya.
Glad you enjoyed our Churros. Do swing by again and try our pancakes this time round. They're really fluffy and they'll be on the house! Just make sure to call for me! :)

Asilah B said...

Hello Alief from Meteora cafe ! Wow, pancakes? Sounds delish ! I'll sure be stopping by soon :)