Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I'm seeing double

Nah. I'm not that crazy. Basically just wanna say Happy Birthday to my two friends who shares the same date on 4th February. One is a girl and the other one is a boy. Nope there not twins, the're just sibling from different parents. Haha. No lahh. The're not related at all.

When it comes to birthdays, I always feel excited. Though it is not my birthday. I like to plan for like surprised parties or even baked a cake or just a dinner treat. If non of it I can achieved I might just watsapp/tweet/instagram or even call and sing the cliche Happy Birthday song.

For this one person, I only managed to watsapp, tweet and instagram on wishing her as she is going for an interview for her coming internship. So two good things happened at one time for her. Good for you, my friend :)

The other one, finally, after along time, we managed to go out on a dinner treat from yours truly. He's kinda guy that is very committed with his work. From what I know lahh. So he's quite busy and does not have many free time to spend. So luckily, on his birthday, he is free. Lucky you. I took him at Grafa since that is the only place I can think of when it comes to western as he suddenly had craving for chicken chop. I proposed going to The Sumbs, but think back again, sometimes their menu can be sold out even though the closing time is not yet near. So to avoid any disappointments, I Just took him to Subang. We ordered Pasta Alla Arabiata and Parmesan Cheese. But sadly, the taste is not the same as I used to eat. Maybe the cook is already tired I assumed.

We ate and talked. It has been a while since I last saw him and there were so many thing we talked about. It was informative yet interesting. Glad that he's quite talkative. Haha. But, due to his unwell condition and having ulcers, he can't enjoy the food very much. He only ate just to fulfill his hunger and not being able to really enjoy the foods. Nvmd. I'll take youout again next time, or you take me out plak. Since, my birthday is just around the corner. Yes, mine will be one day before internship. Nice.

So, Happy Birthday again you too :) Now you are 23 !

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