Saturday, February 08, 2014

Little White Cafe

The title pretty much sums it all. The cafe is little and its white and obviously a cafe ! How do I bumped into this lovely cafe? Well, at first it was supposed to be a one way trip finding SBU's new store in bangi. After finding that particular place, and we needed some titbits to munch. Once, I saw the owner of SBU went to a cafe around Bandar Baru Bangi, so I thought to myself, why not I gave it a try. Waze is currently my everyday GPS for any new places. Try it, you've gonna love the apps.

As we reached there, the front view of the cafe really looks like a English-kinda-vacation-home design. You know, with the vines tree creeping out, not in a creepy way of course. (I did not find any suitable words to replaced 'creep'). First thing as you step at the hallway of the cafe, you eyes will eventually stuck at a small window of pastries and cakes. That will make you stop and stare and let's just say, grab your attention. Well, that's what happened to me and my sister. We went straight to the menu piece by the door.

Getting into the cafe was like entering another world, well like entering another state. Because the deco was to die for. Though it may seems a bit cluttered as it has so many frames on the wall, too many books on the shelf and the tables might not support big groups of guests. We were seated at the back as we came by two and at first glance of the table cloth, well, it is very..vintage. The menu were given by this one waiter and after glanced it through, we decided to try Apple Pie, Panna Cota, Baked Mac n' Cheese, Choices of Berry and Mocha.

Before ordering any of these, I asked the waiters about this one drink - Warm Cinnamon Milk, as good as it sounds, I deliberately asked how does it taste and she give me "the" look and said, "It taste like milk with a dash of cinnamon." Hmm. I was expecting a little bit more of explanation like a personal point of
view, you know, like you want them to persuade you to buy that drink though it may just be milk. But since, I did not get that answer, I choose Mocha instead, my save choice. Another is, the drink - Choices of Berry. I asked what kind of berry will she be using, and she just pointed at the menu and said, "Anything you want. You know the menu is kinda straight forward and I don't understand why customers like to ask questions like this."

I mean, this is our first time here. Not a regular. SO how should we know what to choose? Even when I say I want the menu to be left for a while at the table, she questioned why. I'm sorry, but I do have the rights to asked for the menu to be there. Urgh. But gladly, as soon the foods and drinks arrived, I've cooled down. I'll break down a bit about the price - it's a little bit pricey on some foods that seems unrealistic.

The scrumptious Apple pie, the one that got my eyes and fall in love instantly.

Panna Cota. A delicious milky-custard with bits of strawberry in it. 

Choice of Berry. My sister went with Rasberry and it taste sweet and yummy.

Baked Mac n' Cheese.
Luckyly, it tasted good. And my sister can move this out of her checklist. Haha.

My save choice, Hot Mocha. But I prefer Mcd's or Meteora, Subang better.

 I do sure write a longgggg review. Haha. Well, I'm still learning. Do stop by at this cafe if you're nearby Bangi. Enjoy !

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