Monday, February 03, 2014

Let's make some smoothies !

As reading my title, does your throat suddenly needs of a good smoothies? If the answer is yes, then come on board to the "My way of making smoothies." Recently I just bought a smoothies blender with a detachable bottle. Yes, detachable ! Ain't it cool yaw? You blend it, and you can take out the bottle with you. So convenient. No need to blend and then pour it in a glass.

Mine got no proper brand. I just bought it at Try search "smoothies blender" and walaah ! a whole list of blenders that you can choose from. So, continuing on the smoothies. Since the blender had just arrived this evening, I thought of giving it a whirl. Bought some fruits at Giant like strawberries, bananas, kiwis and thought of getting one fiber veges like spinach. But what I did not know was, I pick the wrong veges to start with. I just look at the price sign saying "Spinach Red" and instantly I thought it was the right veges. But after paying it at the cashier, suddenly the tag change to SAWI. I mean SAWI? I wanted BAYAM. Owh my, there's go my green smoothies. But, nvmd. move on.

So, to find the perfect recipes, you can just google it. Don't be lazy my friends. If google is not that interesting, try pinterest. They have some good pictures that might just made your mouth watered, and the links is very useful. I found my recipes there, btw. 

Okay here are some example of my smoothies. I just used three fruits and milk. As I am still experimenting with the flavors. Owh yes, one more trick that might just ease you on preparing the ingredients for smoothies. I found it on pinterest that, it is better to prepare like a week's ingredients for smoothies. Just to make it easy for you, if you're like "on-the-go kinda person". Pack it in a zip-lock bag and chill it in the freezer for that instant cold. 

Okay, let's start. First you cut and divided the fruits according to the recipes or you may alter it later. Then put it in the blender and give it a whirl and tadaaa ! your own smoothies. No need to go to Juice or any other juice stalls that might just burn a hole in your pocket. Trust me, buying the ingredients is way more cheaper than buying it ready-made.

This is where the fruits being chopped and as you can see, I packed it and labelled it by date.

Here is the new blender, as you can see it looks like a bottle which might just be convinient for me as I'm going for my internship in March and this might just give me the morning energy I need.

You make me twirl, whirl and swirl. 

Change the blade top to a proper sipping bottle top and you're ready to go. Enjoy ! :)

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