Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Felt craft

Have you ever heard of felt craft? It's like a paper but softer like cloth, just a bit. Crafter usually use it for their artwork let say like keychain cartoon or maybe handphone straper. You know, those kind of things. Urgh, I'm bad at describing. Nvmd. I'll show you some pictures.

As you can see, this is one of the examples of felt craft, which by the way, my cousin is selling it. Try searching for "amj collection" in instagram and facebook. You may buy there. I bought two of these and the pink one is from yours truly. I bought it but insist of making it own my own with her teaching me how. My it was harder than it looks ! 

First you have to trace the template to the felt paper/fabric. Then sew it and lastly put come cotton/wool in it to make it puffy like the one below. Cute huh?

This one, I decided to just hang it in my car while the other one is on my car keys. Ching. Ching. Ching. *the sounds of the small bell on my keys* Haha

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