Saturday, January 10, 2009


Yesterday I accompanied my maid to the PKNS complex. Se wanted to change some money to send to Indonesia. After we had sent my sister and her friends to school,we went straight to the ktm to take a cab. After the long walk,we arrived at the ktm. Luckily theres 1 cab. We got in and said that we're going to the PKNS complex. Then the cab driver told us that the road at 19 and at the bridge was in a jam because theres construction working on the bridge. Therefore, he had to take us there using the long way. We don't mind. After a while,we rached PKNS complex. The fare was rm7. I was ok. We went in and found out that the money changer booth had been relocated to the first floor. We went upstairs and get lost for the shop. The sign was small that's why we couldn't find it. Then we found it. My maid change the money and we went to Alam Sentral. My maid wants something to drink. So we went to Syed Bistro to have fresh orange juice. Afterwards,we went upstairs looking for Hot Market. Then we stopped at an ear piercing shop. My maid would like to have her ear pierced. She would like to have it on her right ear at the small part where now people used to have it. She asked me to have one. So I'm having it at my left ear just above my old one. irst it was not that painful. By the time we went home, the pain started to feel. Oh my! The pain move to my head and I was like to have a headache. It was so painful.

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