Friday, January 16, 2009

sports hooliganism

Yes! Sport Hooliganism : people who are addicted or aggresive into football. Yesterday in my conversation class,this is the topic that we learnt. First,we all didn't know what is sport hooliganism. So,my teacher shows some videos from Youtube and find out what is sport hooliganism. Then we sae diehard football fans were fighting and hitting each other. Some were dead. Some were badly injured. Now we kow what is sport hooliganism. After watching that video,my teacher ask us to play some football in ur not-so-big class. So we divided into 2 groups : Intermilan and Manchester United. Of course I was in Manchester United :) Go MU! I was one the supporters of MU. So the supporters have to make positive and negative posters. I made "Go! Go! MU! MU!" and "Intermilan BOO!!". It's quite funny though. The other team was drawing cartoon about our team. They draw some of our player were crying like babies. Such imagination. The teacher was the referee (idk how to spell it,sry guys.). She was holding a red card and a yellow card. Just using white paper and a red and yellow pen. Haha. The play lasted for 10 mins. In this game,we can see real sports hooliganism. The players of Intermilan was BIG! But the player of MU was small. So the big one just lift up tha small one. It's really awful. But,this is our mid-year assesment. Eventhough,we girls do not like it,but we have to. It contains marks for mid-year. For me,it's a wonderful class.

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