Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning part 2

Yesterday,My family and I had our spring cleaning on our neighbour's house because our neighbour was away to Sarawak for about 2 years now. So they'll be back soon. And we have to finished cleaning our stuff.

We all started our work on an early morning. We started by opening those boxes and throwing the unused and old stuff. We had about 4 boxes of unused and old stuff. Fuhh! We cleaned all of it until evening. It was a tiring day.

The next day,we continued again on the spring cleaning. My father managed to sell the rubbish in Sri Muda and collected about rm19! Wohoo! We started like in the morning not so early about 10am i think. We finished today early about 12 noon i think. I'm not so good on recording time but i can managed to improved it. So, thats all for today. Maybe we'll continued it on other day.

Pictures :)

Just me :)

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