Monday, January 19, 2009


Drugs? Have you been addicted to it recently? I know my classmates are. They are all really addicted to it. Haiyaa! So much of drugs addict. I'm telling you why the tittle is like that. It is because my presentation on tomorrow will be on drugs. We have just discussed it this evening in class. The teacher asked us to be a family and one of our child were drug addict. So we have to prepare on drugs. For me and a chinese girl who are Malaysians didn't know anything about drugs. But the Arabic people were brilliant on drugs. They know so many things on drugs. Oh my! They know marijuana,wheat (ganja larh),meth,ice and etc. They know where it came from, what are the causes. They really know all of this things. I was so amazed! They've been here about mayb 1 year and they know a lot. Even for me,I don't know any. But for you guys out there,please don't do drugs. Seriously,drugs are not a toy you can play with or having fun with. Drugs can't make you COOL or HOT. So don't take a risk. It just can ruined your life even just for 1 pill only.

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