Monday, January 12, 2009


Like usuall,woke up at 6 o'clock. Called Shah to woke up. Took my bath and do my pray. Afterwards,got dressed up and went downstairs for my early breakfast. I have taken fried macaroni for my breakfast. I also bought some of that for my lunch. I doesn't have enough money for 1 month because I've already spent rm38 for a jeans skirt. That cost can cover me for 2 and a half week. But instead i bought that skirt. Because my maid said if i bought it later,maybe that skirt will be taken by somebody else. So I didn't want to take that risk and I bought that lovely skirt.

After I've finished eating my breakfast and went outside to wear my socks and shoes. I was in my father's car when suddenly I forgot my jacket. I will freezing to death if I didn't bring my jacket. Then I was yelling through the window for my maid to bring me my jacket. But, she didn't know where she put it. I have to went inside to find. I have to walk to the ktm alone because my father is in rush. I found my jacket in a basket where she put it and forget about it.

Then I went outside to ktm. And suddenly I have a stomach ache. Oh my! I have to go to the toilet. I'm afraid of losing the train. But I took that chance because I can't stand the pain. After doing my 'thing',I managed to catch the train before it left. Fuh! Thank God! Inside it was packed like hell! I can't even text Shah about where am I. I can't even pick up his call. I have to stand about 15 minutes :'(

After reaching subang, went straight to school. So as usuall ; study,writting,listening,speaking and reading. It's finally over. I was sleepy all the way in class. Maybe because of sleeping late last night. This was because of Mawi && Ekin wedding of the year. Went to the ktm but the train to pel.Klang broke down. So,I've to wait about 1/2 an hour for another train to come. By the time i reached Shah Alam,the rain had already poured. Luckily,it was not that heavy. As I reached home,it started to rain heavily. Lucky me.

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