Saturday, January 10, 2009

long time no see.

Ok first of all,i would like to say i'm sorry for the late update.
Because for the last 1 week starting from 5th January 2009,i have been studying in ELS in Subang Jaya for English clases. Everyday I will take ktm to Subang Jaya every. Arrived at Subang and I have to walk about 15 minutes to reach the ELS building. My class started at 8.30 am sharp. My firt class would be SSP ; Structure and Speaking. For this class,my teacher is Ms Sylvia. She's a Singaporian. She is very strict on attendace. If I came late for only 5 minutes,I will be consider as LATE or ABSENCE. Oh my! This class took about 2 hours learning.

Afterwards,I will have my Reading and Writting class by Ms Teresa Lopez. I dont know where she's from. The class took 1 hour for reading and 1 hour for writing. This class is a little bit difficult because i have never know the true way of writting an introduction with the thesis statements. Thesis statements is the last sentences in an introduction. It was confusing for me. In my class there were only 12 students there. 2 were from Malaysia, 2 were from Egypt and 10 were from Arab Saudi. This class started at 10.30 am until 12.30 pm.

At noon,I'm having my lunch with my chinese friend, Gan Sin Hui. She's a Malaysian. Usually we had lunch at our favourite mamak stall nearby. I would eat 'nasi mamak" while she eats fried maggi. The owner of the stall had already know what I would like to eat. He would prepared it for me. He2. This break took about 1 hour.

Then I wil have my LTC class. It is a computer class. There will bo some work in the computer like an assignment. So we have to finished it by Friday n submit it. The duration for this class is 1 hour. This class finished about 2.30 pm. This class was handled by Ms Sharifah.

Lastly, my Conversation class. I love this class so much. Where I had chances to communicate will everybody. The Egyptian and the Arabic. Of course they'll have their native slang. That's the most exciting part for me. I love hearing how they communicate in English with their native slang. Maybe it's a little bit funny. But at least they tried. This class is handled by Ms Anita. She's very funny and very talkative. Everytime when her class would start, she will goes like this, "Where are all of my monkeys?". We all will burst into laughter. I mean who would ot laugh? Tell me. After having this class about 1 hour. We all get to go home.

I will walk all the way to the ktm from the ELS building in Subang Square. And went home. By the time I reached home, I was exhausted.

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budakhodoh said...

ELS ngan IELTS sme ke?coz aq pun de pernah amek.bpk susah.alhamdulillah aku pass.hehe.